This is How I Run: An Intro

This is how I run… sometimes I write about it or read about it, a lot of the time I am just thinking about it, and on a sunny or windy or snowy or beautiful fall day, I am running. Of course the idea for this blog was prompted on the run, or maybe more accurately, post-run… brief and hurried run… to catch the bus because I realized I could leave 5 to 10 minutes late and still catch the bus to work if I ran the half mile to the stop. That extra 5 to 10 minutes to check Twitter and the weather a few extra times is completely worth it, plus I get in a mini-run.

Who knows (well I sort of have an idea… ideas) where this blog will go, similarly to those first few steps out the door and deciding on the fly in which direction to start walking–a little warm-up before taking off–and then picking up the pace and working into the cadence a physical therapist told me would help a lingering overuse injury. This blog will go further than past ones I have started, because even at just the start of this one I know more of my heart is into it. And with my first two ultras coming up in 2016, I am sure I’ll have plenty of down time to write while resting some tired legs.


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