Learning on the Commute

Throughout moves from Uptown to South Minneapolis to Downtown, the one commonality (aside from all being in Minneapolis) has been taking public transit to work. The ‘connection’ part has varied, sometimes Nice Ride to the second bus, or walk to the Blue line before catching a bus, or now, conveniently walking (or running) to just one express bus. As someone who enjoys a good, faster than average pace walk, I look forward to this start to the work day. There’s typically another walk of at least several blocks (more, if I feel like finding a staircase to run/walk up, or strolling through the park, etc.) after I arrive in St. Paul. Over the course of this hour or so of commuting, I could be left to my own thoughts or a merengue or a random playlist.

Instead though, I started listening to podcasts, primarily with a fitness focus. Here’s my current list of subscribed to podcasts, in no particular order:

  • Science of Ultra | Learn from Leading Scientists, Coaches, and Athletes in Ultra Marathon Running hosted by Shawn Bearden – The most recent add to my podcast library. Shawn interviews experts related to the field of running, ranging from an elite ultra runner to someone with PhD that has studied the science of tapering, hydration, injury prevention, etc.
  • RunBuzz hosted by Steve Carmichael – Steve is an RRCA and USATF certified running coach and focuses his show on a variety of running topics. Sometimes he speaks on a topic solo and other times interviews another runner. Good variety of running topics and shorter episodes.
  • Trail Runner Nation hosted by Don Freeman and Scott Warr – A couple of guys who host well together, friends and running buddies outside of the podcast. A solid mix of  everything related to trail running in a typically entertaining fashion.
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness: Diet, Fat Loss and Performance hosted by Ben Greenfield and Rachel Browne (replaced former sidekick Brock Armstrong) – I first heard Ben interviewed on the Marathon Training Academy podcast, and immediately subscribed to BGF. Confession: I was possibly on the obsessed side in the first several months of following Ben. He has created a career and life around professing the latest in fitness and health trends. His show ranges from interviews with great minds you’ve likely not heard of, yet, to entertaining and research-based listener Q&A episodes. I even met him in person at a talk in St. Paul (he resides in Spokane, WA with his wife and twins). The obsession faded, but I still appreciate listening to the listener Q&A episodes. Check this one out for specific and research-based fat loss advice, stacks of remedies, and the latest endurance training tips.
  • Obstacle Dominator hosted by Ben Greenfield and Hunter McIntyre – A sometimes irritating podcast (the banter, more than occasional poor audio quality and higher than average amount of chewing is notable) that is still worth a listen if you have any curiosity about obstacle course racing such as Spartan, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, etc.
  • Get-Fit Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Slim Down and Shape Up hosted by Ben Greenfield – So maybe my obsessesion subsided because of the fewer than a dozen podcasts I regularly listen to, Ben hosts three of them. He’s a smart and super fit dude. Here’s a short form style (usually 10 minutes or less) podcast that focuses on one fitness how-to per episode.
  • Marathon Training Academy hosted by Angie and Trevor – After a few dud podcasts, I consider this one my introduction to the greater offerings out there. Trevor and Angie, a husband/wife duo, provide race recaps, chats with success stories from their training program, and interviews with leading athletes and authors in running. Probably my favorite go-to running podcast, one I wouldn’t ever skip over.
  • UltraRunnerPodcast: Ultramarathon News, Podcasts, and Product Reviews hosted by Eric Schranz– One I listen to on an episode by episode basis. There’s an emphasis on catching up with the current competitive scene and that’s not really my interest; however, the training info is interesting. Also this might worth taking another thorough listen to the athlete interviews, as I get closer to running my first ultra.

Holding true to my public transit preference, I am publishing this post while on the Green line. Perhaps the next ride will focus on my list of non-fitness podcast favorites…


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