A Week of Writing and Running

This past Sunday I launched “This is How I Run” and set the goal to write a post every day this week. I know I have had the remnants of this blog concept in my head since long (months? years?) before Sunday, but here we are on a Friday and five for five on the posts. Hard to say if it is the flurry of post ideas circling my mind or the early onset soreness of Thursday morning’s kettlebell session and Thursday evening’s foray in spinning that has me wide awake an hour before my 5:30 a.m. alarm. Either way, I am feeling proud and grateful for this first week as a blogger and another week as a runner.

Speaking of running…

Have I mentioned how fantastic it feels to be back on a training program? Informal at best these first few weeks, but I have a training log (99 cent calendar from Walgreens), and I am setting out for multiple runs a week, which is more than I can say for the past several months.

Saturday – A super fun 5 mile run at Calhoun with Hannah. Why so fun? Great company with one of my original Twin Cities running buddies, legs and lungs felt great, and it was like falling into an old routine in the best new way.
Sunday – An hour at moderate effort through downtown and Northeast.
Monday Run Free! In this case, a rest day.
Tuesday – Faster paced four mile loop sporting a head lamp and spent dodging pedestrians.
Wednesday – A beautiful bike ride to Lake Calhoun for an easy three mile lap, while enjoying a podcast and the mid-morning chance to run. Rounded out the evening at the Wedge Table for a free one hour yoga session.
Thursday – A grease-the-groove inspired morning, where I swung around a kettlebell, completed several squats, and lifted myself up for a few chin ups, all in the comfort of our modest one-bedroom apartment. The evening was spent walking in the cold/wind/dark for a last minute errand, and wrestling with the idea of having to go back out for a run. Skipping it was not an option, so I grabbed my earbuds and ran down the stairs for a 30 minute spin session (I have no idea how to really use a spin bike, but I adjusted the seat and varied the speed and friction) in our tiny workout room (no treadmill, and I refuse to smash my toes on the elliptical).
Friday – It is a rest day. To do: foam roll.

After a week of writing and running, tonight we plan to celebrate with a date at Pizzeria Lola, the best pizza place you will ever find in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Consistently delicious wood-fired pizza, where the crust alone is perfection, but add on fresh and crafted combinations of toppings and wow, AMAZING. Absolutely worth the standard Friday/Saturday wait time of over 30 minutes. While you hang out in the waiting area, grab a beer or ginger ale, and chat away with your dining mate(s), because then once you’re seated and the pizza arrives your focus can shift from conversation to enjoying every incredible bite of that pizza.


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