Why I Run Wednesday #2

The ‘Why I Run Wednesday’ posts are a weekly feature exploring a past, present, or future reason why I run. 

View of a rainy city street and traffic lights
A rainy November evening in Minneapolis

On my walk home this evening I came quite close to being hit by an SUV. I was in the middle of a crosswalk with a fully lit little ‘walking person’ on the traffic light, and said SUV swerved full force into a left turn, nearly right into me. Sure it was dusk, but I suspect the safer driving approach is to watch for humans and to drive just a little slower rather than barreling through a pedestrian crossing.

As a result, motivation for getting back outside to run through rush hour traffic just did not sound particularly appealing (excuses, excuses, they are endless). So, the answer was throwing on some running clothes right after getting in the door, leaving no time to decide otherwise.

A chilly, rainy, windy evening seemed like the perfect opportunity to get in a speedy workout around an overpass (jog length one, sprint length two, jog length three, sprint length four, repeat), however, my left IT band said “NO THANK YOU” to the faster pace. I conceded and stuck to a short route around a few blocks and called it a night.

I am two miles, and several lunges, further ahead in my training plan than when that SUV almost took me out. Success? For tonight, yes. In preparation for Saturday’s Turkey Trot? Hopefully!

So why do I run? Because it is the motivation to get outside in the wind/rain/cold/aggressive driver world despite “not interested” on repeat in my head.

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