Why I Run Wednesday #4

The ‘Why I Run Wednesday’ posts are a weekly feature exploring a past, present, or future reason why I run.

Blue sky background and Elizabeth wearing a Camelbak
One time I ran home from work, 10 miles from St. Paul to Minneapolis

I dozed on the bus ride home tonight while listening to a podcast on carbohydrate intake for endurance athletes. After I hopped off and walked home I was debating what tonight’s workout, if any, would look like. It would be so easy to just switch out of business casual into sweats and a t-shirt, but I reminded myself that these next few weeks are some of the most critical for next month’s big birthday run. For the record, the time taken to run five miles around Isles tonight was time well spent.

Unrelated but related in a step-away-from-the-screen-way, I love running for being a time to get away from my phone. I may tell myself that “nah I don’t check social media that often” since I can wait until after I get my coffee started in the morning to check the weather and then scan Twitter/email/Facebook, but that’s just the start of the day…

I rarely take my phone on a run with me, so there’s zero temptation to check it (obviously, ha). When I do grab my phone, it’s for a longer run and almost exclusively for emergency purposes such as breaking my leg or something of that nature and I am more than a mile away from home. Any closer and I figure I could just hobble it in. Plus the phone is wrapped in a Ziplock bag and tucked into a slim waist pack under my outer layer, so it’s not even particularly tempting to take photos along any given route.

Zooming–or trudging–down the sidewalk or the lakes or even better, a trail, is not always blissful and that is truly part of the beauty of running. The chance to focus on your breath, your body in motion, your next step, all without the distraction of a glowing screen. A glowing watch, maybe, but no social media to mindlessly flip through for a few minutes or hours.

So why do I run? Because sometimes my brain needs to slow down while my legs speed up.

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