Scaling Back

The act of running is a decision to be the best possible version of ourselves. -Martin Dugard, To Be a Runner

Today’s long run felt SO good. I still have a bothersome thing going on with my left leg (a longish and boring story for another day), and my stomach opted for a quick pit stop, but I ticked off each mile a little faster than the last and it just felt right.

Many traditional endurance running plans will include a scale back week, where you build up mileage (e.g. your once a week long run distance) for a few weeks, then maybe every three or four weeks you drop down the mileage. In my case, I built up from a whim-of-a-long-run (it was silly to jump from three miles to 10 miles in one week but I did it), then another one, followed by back to back long run weeks of 15 miles. So for this weekend I decided to take it easy and run an hour on Saturday followed by 10 miles on Sunday. I also opted to use the spin bike in lieu of running twice this week. Cardio, check. Limited pounding, check. 

Proudest workout of the week? Again a minimalist approach, this type with body weight exercises. I even rolled out my yoga mat as though I was taking the strength training seriously–I swear I do, it is just so easy to put it off…

The Primo pizza with mushrooms, garlic, olive oil
The Primo at Element Pizza. Verdict? Pizzeria Lola, Burch Steak & Pizza Bar, and Punch Pizza hold steady at 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Second proudest moment? Trying out a new pizza place! Wait, I mean the proud moment was getting in my Saturday run BEFORE all the other fun planned for the day, including a trip to Element (wood-fired) Pizza in Minneapolis.

A combination of higher than usual temps forecasted for this upcoming week, a lowish mileage total for last week, and the importance of building my endurance base sooner rather than later should mean racking a bunch of miles this week.

In re-reading this flurry of thoughts, I think this Yogi Bedtime tea has already kicked in. Here’s a to hoping for a night of sweet running dreams!

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