Why I Run Wednesday #5

The ‘Why I Run Wednesday’ posts are a weekly feature exploring a past, present, or future reason why I run.  

For the refuel. End of story (well, there’s more story of course…)

No I do not necessarily run to eat, nor do I eat simply to run. Sometimes during a hard workout or a long run, usually the long run, I’ll extensively plan out what my post-run meal will entail. Lately I’ve been super lucky (thanks to my must’ve been a chef in another life wife) to enjoy a hearty, nutritious, tasty bowl of homemade bone broth soup filled with kale, spices, rice noodles, an egg and other vegetables. Sometimes I’ll whip up an old standby—the smoothie—filled with spinach, coconut milk, whey protein, turmeric, cinnamon, and a frozen banana. After trying a sample at the Salomom Autumn Trail Series this summer, I became a bit obsessed with Seven Sundays muesli (pictured above with all my favorite extras).

Entering back into a training scheduled I’ve already noticed my increased appetite, and admittedly it’s a good feeling. I think the mental side of running comes into play here, where I am on auto-pilot craving more calories for the moderate increase in activity. It is important to keep that appetite in check. Refueling is such an critical part of endurance sports, similar to rest days, two things I think runners tend to take for granted. 

In another post I will talk more in depth about my approach to ‘balanced diet.’ Here is the summary: Most of the time I ask myself if there’s a nutritional benefit to what I am eating. Heavy emphasis on most, not all…

So why do I run? Because food should taste good and do good, for running (or whatever else you’re into).

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