As Promised

west river parkway
December 2015, W River Pkwy

I spent a lot of time on the Greenway last week. Few street crossings, and a slim yet dedicated pedestrian lane is perfect for pounding the pavement in well-cushioned running shoes (current rotation is the Altra Intuition and Saucony Triumph).

frozen banana, honey, peanut butter, cinnamon
Long run fuel concoction

The set up Saturday’s long run was delightfully leisurely, no alarm set and my brand new pre-run snack of a frozen banana, local honey, organic crunchy peanut butter, and a dash of cinnamon in part to maybe lessen an immediate sugar rush. I tossed a Clif Banana Mango with Coconut nutritional packet into my water belt waist pack and headed out for a late morning 15-miler. It was the best one yet. As of late I don’t map out my running routes. I opted for the convenience of an out and back–down the Greenway and onto to the West River Pkwy until I hit 7.5 miles near the Minnesota Veterans Home and turned back around to retrace my steps, albeit a little slower and a little faster depending on the thoughts floating through my head at the moment. I slowed down to gulp water more frequently on the way back, proudly finishing the run with sore legs and a happy head.

REI flash pack and its contents
A hefty commute pack

On the schedule for Sunday was a 60-minute run that could have easily been taken care of before heading to the part time gig for the day, but I again eased into the day with a leisurely morning, except for the long troubleshooting phone call with my landlord for a wifi issue up yet to be resolved… Instead, I loaded up my REI Flash Pack with running gear to run home from work after all day on my feet (bonus ultra marathon prep). Fortunately/unfortunately my pack ended up heavier than I planned, weighing in at a hefty six pounds (another bonus, training-wise). I took the long way home, and trotted along enjoying a beautiful fall-esque evening in December.

Thus the weekend left me with a couple of rather tired, heavy legs and a check mark for the two hardest runs of the week. Just as I had promised myself.

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