Why I Run Wednesday #9

The ‘Why I Run Wednesday’ posts are a weekly feature exploring a past, present, or future reason why I run.

First, a shout-out to my parents because it is *both* their birthdays today (yes same day, different years).

Trail running shoes in the snow
Running through the snow

The idea for #9 came after jumping out of bed Tuesday morning following a night of awful dreams. Possibly sparked by feeling anxious about the logistics of getting in a run after work and before the evening’s dinner plans. So I decided at the last minute, “I’m gonna run, now!” In the summer, that’s not a huge deal since it takes a couple minutes to throw on a simple layer of clothes and it’s daylight or real close.

The winter is another story. Multi-layer so as to be not too cold nor too hot, and then we add in the non-daylight (headed out around 5:30 a.m.) factor, and it’s intimidating–safety-wise and otherwise. But I threw on my new Sporthill Callaghan tights (proving to be the perfect winter running investment), a light wool long-sleeve and a lime green reflective Brooks jacket, and off I went through downtown Minneapolis.

It’s a little crazy to hop out of bed, bundle up, run around outside in the cold, freezing temps, “only” to come home and scurry around to get ready for work. Another example of tempting the extremes came tonight when I opted to literally run to a staff meeting for my extra part-time job (conveniently at a run specialty shop so at least two others were also decked out in running gear). I left myself just enough time to make it there in an hour. Fortunately the traffic lights, not-too-slippery sidewalks, and my body were all in cooperation for the jaunt through the falling snow.

Speaking of a little crazy, I have *officially* announced my 30th birthday plan, which is to run 30 miles (on my golden birthday at that). Leaving behind my 20s? No problem when I have 30 miles of running to focus on!

Sure there are FAR more extreme athletes, humans, animals, and events out there, but running in my life provides just enough of an extreme outlet. After all, this is how I run.

So why do I run? Because running provides the rewarding, awesome, difficult, and amazing extremes.

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