Fair as the Sun

Minneapolis MN -13 degrees F and feels like -32

This is Minnesota and the cold is part of the deal in living here, just as are the freezing weather coping mechanisms, such as taking a screenshot of the Weather.com page showcasing just how frigid it is and emailing it to your family in Wisconsin (who are far enough south to experience ‘warmer’ weather).

Naturally (in my mind), a run outside in sub-zero temps sounded more appealing than a ride on the spin bike downstairs. I had a new Brooks Drift 1/2 Zip (thanks to a couple REI gift cards) to wear and Garmin Live Tracking to test out.

After a half hour of gathering layers, gloves, mittens, thick socks, hand warmers, and packs (testing what I will use for the 30 mile run), I headed out for a freezing eight mile run down the Greenway, around Isles, and back through Loring Park. I thought I’d just try out Garmin Live Tracking for a couple miles and head back for a short strength training workout. But the magic of dressing for the weather, the gorgeous sunshine, and clear paths made for a surprisingly nice run.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seems as though I caught my run on Garmin Live Tracking, so I need to figure the technical glitch out before Ultra Birthday on January 30, because it will be easier for friends and my folks to find me if they can see a moving dot on a map representing my current location. 3o miles doesn’t sound quite so daunting knowing that I’ll see some friendly faces around the lakes as I loop around them several times.

As someone who says “planning is for planners,” the day’s workout turned out well thanks to a little bit of planning mixed with a little bit of adaptability, both layering-wise and still-time-to-scope-out-tech-snafu-wise. Sure my eyelashes kept freezing together and catching my breath was a little more difficult inside a half face mask, but Weather.com was right on… fair conditions indeed.

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