Why I Run Wednesday #14

The ‘Why I Run Wednesday’ posts are a weekly feature exploring a past, present, or future reason why I run.

Luck, WI – 27 degrees feels warm after a few sub-zero windchill days

I’m in first-unofficial-ultra-first-official-ultra limbo. Or, a little bout of laziness. Taking a break (one swim and a bunch of walks for a week) after the 30 mile birthday run seemed responsible, but in the past two weeks my longest run since has been a mere nine miles. So let’s say that I am well rested and recovered.

Fortunately tonight’s run left me feeling back in the swing of training-plan-time and reminded me of a reason why running is great, which is rather specific to Minnesota (and other sub-zero temp winter states). That reason being an appreciation for 30 degrees i.e. cold days that aren’t FREEZING days.

Tonight’s cruise down the Greenway and around Isles felt comfortable in tights, a light wool layer and wind-resistant quarter zip, at a balmy 28 degrees fahrenheit.

So why do I run? Something to do on cold days.

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