Making it Work

Not-so-suddenly next week is 50-miler time! Am I ready? At best I can say… possibly? I have been running, thinking about running, and bought a new pair of trail shoes (and will have run in them a few times before the big day). So yeah, I am somewhere between moderately prepared and adequately equipped for finishing my first official ultramarathon.

Training-wise, my approach is a faster/shorter run on Tuesday and/or Thursday, a moderately long (and slow!) run on Wednesday, and a long run plus not-as-long run on Saturday/Sunday. I really can’t say, yet, how this minimal approach works, but I’ll soon find out in a tiny town two hours south of the Cities that it seems *no one* has heard of (Theilman, MN, if you’re curious).

A little (boisterous) voice in my head has noted that my feet haven’t touched too many Minnesota trails since I registered for the Zumbro 50 Mile Endurance Run, partly due to a lack of outside the city transportation and mostly due to the ease and comfort of bounding down the familiar sidewalks of Minneapolis. Besides, I have a handful of not too traditional preparation methods:

  • Trail run at UW-Whitewater while visiting my parents for the weekend
  • Moderately long run after working eight hours mostly on my feet
  • Bike commute round-trip to the part-time weekend gig
  • A few hours of indoor rock climbing followed by a night time long run, topped off with light rain
  • “Off-path” running i.e. taking advantage of any and all muddy/grassy/rocky terrain that borders a perfectly clear pedestrian path or sidewalk
  • Selecting a running route based on the number of hills in the neighborhood
  • Random assortment of kettle bell swings and physical therapy-type exercises before I leave for work a couple times a week (Bonus: walking a two miles round trip to work every day during the week)

Ten days until I discover if the misfit method plays out in my favor…


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