Eat, Drink, Run

“Remember, this is fun! All you have to do today is eat, drink, run and enjoy.”
–Krissy Moehl, Running Your First Ultra

My paper bag (temporary storage of course) is slowly filling up with nutritional stuff for the upcoming Zumbro Endurance Run 50 mile. Race fuel plan is as follows:

  1. Fuel up
  2. Don’t feel like fueling? Fuel up anyway

Ultra birthday, for all the running, did not include too many calories. In 30 miles I ate a few hard ginger candies, water, 8 ounces of coconut water, one honey almond butter packet, one honey stinger gel, and two little homemade breads (thanks, Rev. Kyle!). 30 miles later, I felt OK, but 50 on HARD terrain is going to expend A LOT more calories.

The goal this time around is to stay hydrated and as nourished as possible, even if I am just not feeling particularly hungry. That is one of several factors that will get me through the distance…

Assortment of race nutritional items
Ultramarathon smorgasbord
My half-hour to hourly go-to will be a mix of Honey Stinger Gold energy gels with and without caffeine. They are the energy gel that most resembles its real food counterpart.

For fun, I grabbed a VFuel maple bacon gel because why not try a new odd-sounding flavor for your first 50 mile run? Aside from that, I’ll have water, ginger candies, some aid station snacks (and coffee!), and to be figured out (my pack or my crew’s i.e. Jen’s pack?) are some other delicious-sounding treats like dehydrated bananas covered in peanut butter, Picky Bars, chips (salt!), and coconut water (maybe with a little lemon juice mixed in).

Food and H20 packing list:

  • Honey Stinger Gold energy gel
  • Gel Ginsting a.k.a Honey Stinger with caffeine
  • Gu – peanut butter flavor
  • Picky Bars
  • Hammer Endurolytes
  • Coconut water
  • Nuun

Jen has spectated nearly every one of my race since we met (the first one, a half marathon, in the rain, only a couple months into dating), and five years later she’s stepping up from spectator to crew. And with that, I get to indulge in these luxurious homemade (by Jen of course) treats at some point Saturday morning:

Eat, drink, run! Repeat.


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