Hyland 7 Mile Trail Race

Elizabeth Ossers ESTRS Hyland 7 mile Finished 1:07:47 Overall 115th of 318, Female 34th of 161, Open F 25th of 97
My ESTRS Hyland 7 mile results

A couple days after spending two and a half days seated in a kayak for miles at a time, I ran 7 miles in the final race of the 2016 Endless Summer Trail Run Series (ESTRS) at Hyland Park Reserve in Bloomington, MN. Considering my legs weren’t feeling fresh and the air was HUMID, I enjoyed the time spent back on the trails.

Wary of the heat, but knowing there’d be a water stop at mile 3.5, I debated brining along a water bottle. Fortunately I erred on the side of caution and grabbed my handheld water bottle. A little cup of Heed from the aid station and a quick soak from a water gun at the half way point helped too.

The course, a ‘double lollipop’ as the race director described it, was wide enough for multiple runners and not particularly technical, primarily on grassy and wood chip terrain.

Endless Summer Trail Run Series finish line photo of Elizabeth
Finish line photo op

On top of getting to run another midweek race, followed by a cold beer and plenty of pizza, I ran into a new friend from the aforementioned kayaking trip! A couple also came up to me after the race and said I had been their ‘unofficial’ pacer for the latter part of the race (alas, they did end up finishing faster than me). Running, a great place for meeting people!

Next year, I hope to run all four of the ESTRS races.

Running shoe of choice: Altra Lone Peak 2.5

Upcoming races: The St. Paul Trail 1/2 Marathon! I ran 3 out of the 4 Bluff Tuff training runs to explore parts to the rugged course (which ultimately convinced me the full was not a…smart option this time around). After a mix of shorter races and LONG distance runs earlier this year, I’m looking forward to running (fast hiking up the steep hills) a comfortably tough distance on Saturday. Plus, the late morning (9:30) start time sounds quite luxurious.

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