In it for the long haul

Fall colors over the Mississippi River in Minnesota
Mississippi River, October 2016

We’re five weeks into training for our next big adventure together—the Tuscobia Winter Ultra 80 mile run. Yes, 80 miles. In the winter. In Wisconsin. Pulling a sled filled with gear. It’s going to be awesome!

While our training plan is varied in activities—hot yoga, body and free weight strength training, rock climbing, tire pulls, hill repeats—we’ve zeroed in on the long walk. Realistically, we won’t be running too much on the Tuscobia Trail. We’ll be traveling at an average of three miles per hour, hauling our sleds, avoiding frost bite and debilitating pain. Therefore, increasing the time we can walk in one-go is critical to our success. At least, that’s what we think is the case.

The Long Walks

Week 1 – Mississippi River

Jen standing on a swing under a metal bridge
Swinging near the Mississippi

Jen made us a plate of hearty french toast (the BEST bread you can get in Minneapolis, locally milled) complete with seeds, fresh eggs, and Vermont maple syrup (an awesome wedding gift). Then off we went for a 12-mile walk through Minneapolis along West River Pkwy. The neat thing about this route is the option to go off road and walk along the river, complete with structures to climb and dirt to trudge through until we hit Minnehaha Parkway, another beautiful pedestrian and bike trail through Minneapolis. Tried out a 1-mile run at mile nine and learned walking does in fact tire out the legs.

Quick stats: 12 miles | 3:56:07

Week 2 – No long walk

Two weeks in and already skipping out on training? Not exactly. I had registered for the Twin Cities 10 mile and worked a nine-hour shift at the expo the previous day—a LONG day despite no walking. Jen squeezed in an 11-mile bike ride to cheer me on at the race.

Week 3 – Lebanon Hills

Elizabeth and Jen at Lebanon Hills
Lebanon Hills, me and Jen

A beautiful, not too populated set of trails only 20 minutes away from Minneapolis led us through our first official trail hike and a view of peak Minnesota fall colors. As a little incentive, we each picked up a donut from Glam Doll Donuts (OK, I got TWO) for a mid-walk treat. Here’s where I start jotting down random Tuscobia thoughts in a Notes app since these long walk conversations tend to find their way back to their original purpose (race prep). The list is filled with food picks for the race, of course.

Quick stats: 14.25 miles | 4:40:34

Week 4 – Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun + Fort Snelling

Up close with the planes above Fort Snelling

Saturday, Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun… A route that I’ve run many times before, so high probability of boredom setting in early on. But, toss in a time constraint and flat terrain for a fun and fast-paced walk on another gorgeous fall day in Minnesota. Bonus: bacon and cheese croissant and a chai from Sparrow Cafe post-speedy-ish walk.

Sunday, Fort Snelling… We’ve walked through Fort Snelling once before together and somehow I had forgotten how CLOSE the planes get near the main entrance of the park. Whew. A short drive from home (or light rail ride), and although it’s woodsy, it doesn’t quite have that out-of-the-city feel i.e planes and people-a-plenty. We added in a 10-minute run that didn’t feel awful after a few walking miles. Progress.

Quick stats: Sat. – 7 miles | 1:53:24 and Sun. – 13 miles | 3:43:10

Week 5 – Banning State Park

Banning State Park
Banning State Park, rugged terrain section

We felt like a couple of klutzes, tripping over little rocks and slogging through hundreds (thousands?) of crinkly leaves. I had a head cold and we both “sprinted” several repeats tethered to a car tire the previous day. We didn’t know how exhausted our legs were until we hit the relatively uninteresting trail. We learned two things though: Our boredom finally subsided, so maybe this training thing is working our brains too and Banning State Park is awesome after you get through the first few less-than-stimulating miles. Lunch by the river, rugged terrain, and a steep hill made for an impressive trek only an hour and a half outside the city.

Quick Stats: 15 miles | 6:17:36

So what’s up next? Well, more long walks, more twice-a-week strength training sessions at home, a switch from weekly hot yoga to indoor rock climbing, and a camping adventure on the Tuscobia Trail where we’ll pull an all-terrain wagon and test our anticipated race day nutrition.

We’re definitely in it for the long haul.

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