I’m Elizabeth, a runner from Minneapolis now based in Seattle.

Elizabeth, post-race, standing in front of the big gay race rainbow banner
The Big Gay Race 5K, 2015 1st female finisher

I realized running was one of my favorite things back in high school, when cross country was the only sport I stuck with all four years–I still get excited to pull on my CC spikes for the annual alumni race. Since then (a decade or so has passed) I’ve read, listened, watched, and just got out and taken a hands (feet?) on approach to learning about this soul-defining hobby.

Sometimes my wife (Jen) runs with me, and even more awesomely, she’ll stand/bike/camp in the rain/sleet/cold/sunshine to cheer me on during a race. Plus she cooks the *best* meals–delicious nutrition is important for running fuel/recovery, and for the taste buds of course. Sometimes our dog, Eleven, runs with me too.

What is the point of this blog? It’s a place to write about running. And pizza. And life. Who knows what that’ll morph into…

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